First off, I’m not a hosting pro, although do use around 10 different hosting companies currently, within my own and agency businesses, and have used many more along the journey.

What Is SEO Reseller Hosting?

Essentially reseller hosting is a servicing provided to allow resellers (in this case SEO agencies or businesses), to host multiple domains on 1 account. Generally the product has the functionality to host domain in different IPs, reducing the risk of footprints. This allows multiple sites, such as a PBN, to be hosted for reduced cost at limited risk.

What I Look For In A Hosting Company

It might be pedantic, but my time is not infinite, and any task that takes longer than it should, I get frustrated and move on. In this respect, if I’m trying to sign up to a hosting company I want it to be seamless and fast. Within that, it needs to be easy to navigate. In essence I simply want to add my details, pay the fee, and have the backend setup and ready to go. If I can’t do that, I’ll move on to the next host. This is especially important when setting up hosting for PBN’s. I get it. Certainly yo get what you pay for. So if your’re trying to purchase $1 hosting for a PBN, it’s probably not going to be simple.

Secondly, if I click a button withing the hosting account dashboard or cpanel, I want to to actually load. Sound simple enough, but the amount of cheap hosting providers that can’t provide the infrastructure for their own site is astounding.

We are responsible for over 2000 domains and hosting for our own and client sites, so for us the performance of a host is a large part of our business.

Why I Like Hostine

To be completely honest, has had some bad press. Many of the value hosting companies have been gobbled up by larger organisations in the last few years. It’s good business if done right. I don’t know who owns them, and I really don’t care, as it’s proving value for us right now. When I google “hostnine reviews“, you don’t immediately get a good vibe. The first page is full of far from positive reviews. But I can only talk about my own experience, and relative to many other cheap hosting companies, these guys are pretty bloody good.

So far (we’ve been using them with two different accounts for over a year) everything has run pretty smoothly. The user interface works well and fast, it’s reasonably intuitive, and support has been quite receptive. What I really like about it though, is it’s reseller product and ability to setup a large amount of domains with different IPs, for an relatively cheap pricing. In fact, I can’t find anyone that comes close to this price for the value.

What We Use Hostnine Hosting For

PBN Hosting

As I mentioned earlier, my opinion of a host certainly depends on the purpose. The main purpose for us with H9 is hosting PBNs, and mass page sites. There is always alot of talk about SEO reseller hosting services. Yes, there is always a risk with them, but in my experience the risk normally lies more with the user, than the service. To date, we’ve not had one site deindexed. However with any reseller service, we ensure we use due diligence to the extreme to ensure we cover all bases as much as we can. I also believe much of the danger with resellers lies not so much with the host, but how individual sites are set up. Having said that, we don’t host high quality sites with H9…..essentially any site we can’t afford to lose.

Normally when you set up a reseller account, you have to set the different IP once you’ve set the account up. But with H9, the domain is automatically allocated an IP based on what server you select. THis is good news as you can select a a range of server locations including, US, CA, Europe, UK, Asia and Australia. I really like to ability to choose the server location easily, as it has implications for both PBNs and money sites.

Below you can a list of domains in one of out account with different IPs and server locations.

seo hosting with different ips

Mass Page Sites

If you’ve ever delved into building mass page sites, using products such as Lead Gadget, Sherpshaker or, you’ll understand that hosting such large sites can be problematic.

I use all of the above for local lead generation and also some affiliate, but I also use a 4th method (which I may discuss later at some stage), by creating mass page video blogs. These can be massively resource intensive, and while they work well for generating a bucket load of traffic quickly (I’m talking 400 targeted unique / day in less than a week), I’ve found it difficult to find a host that could handle them at a cost that is sustainable, and also allow adjustment for bandwidth and disk space quickly without extra cost. I have probably tried 5 other well known hosts (and also some underground), for this service but all have fallen short. Either I need to pay a hell of a lot more, or they simply can handle the number of pages and posts, and traffic. To be completely honest, with some of the negative stuff I’d heard about Hostnine, I would’ve expected the same or worse. To my delight however, currently their servers are handling them great, within minimal fuss. I’v now moved about 20 of these sites to H9 without any problems what so ever. Time will tell if it continues, but I’m actually amazed.

Pricing & Packages

While Hostnine have a range of options, including shared, reseller, cloud VPS, and dedicated servers, for the purpose of this post we’re only looking at the reseller accounts. All accounts come with Cpanel access, billing & WHMCS and JSON integrated API. Below are the packages. It’s pretty crazy to  have the ability to host 19 domains with separate IPs in multiple dataceteners for only $15.99 / month.

cheap seo reseller packages

Take a closer look by visiting their packages here:





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