Content Marketing is the term given to the process of creating valuable content, and distributing or syndicating this content to provide a valuable resource for the end user.

Creating The Content

This can take the form in a number of channels and can include but not limited to blog post, videos, social media posting, infographics, podcasts, and guest posting. The unique using content marketing for businessvariable common to all content marketing strategies versus pure promotion is that generally the content is hard selling a product or service, rather taking the approach of solving a problem or providing information the use is looking for. It differs from traditional advertising as it aim to provide “valuable information.

Distributing / Syndicating Content

As a piece of content is created, it then can also be syndicated to other channels to improve the exposure of the content. This can include Youtube, Facebook, Twitter,, Instagram, and a wide range of third party providers. Content can be distruibuted manually with attribution, or automated using tools such as HootSuite or

The Result

The aim of content marketing is to provide valuable content for the user. By creating value and consequently trust in you brand, they are more likely to purchase the product or service at that time, or at a later date.

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Reference: Content Marketing

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