How To Use SEO Outsourcing Services – Are There Quality SEO Marketplaces Out There?

How To Use SEO Outsourcing Services – Are There Quality SEO Marketplaces Out There?

As our two agencies grew, we inevitably got to the point like most other agencies, where we simply did not have the man power to keep up with demand and the daily tasks that required to be completed. If you’ve read or heard elsewhere that you can grow an SEO agency passively, while I’m sure it can be done, all the successful agencies that are still going strong today went through the “grunt” phase, where the founders busted their asses just to get the daily tasks completed, before they decided to either hire, or outsource. The using outsourcers for seoreason this happens, in my mind, is quite simply that as an entrepreneur you do like the feel in control, until you can’t control it anymore, and that outsourcing costs money. I also have the opinion that as digital marketing can be so granular, that getting your hands dirty and burning the midnight oil is actually a pre-requisite to understand what’s involved.

I applaud anyone who has started an SEO agency or affiliate business without doing the work themselves initially, but I’ve yet to met anyone who has done that. That being said, I do believe you can start a new business hands free if you understand what’s involved from previous experience.

So back to my point, that as our agencies grew, we got to a point that we couldn’t handle all the work ourselves. So we were in that dilemma of “do we hire someone? ie a local expert, or do we look at outsourcing the SEO tasks that can be completed by someone else. As it turns out, we’ve done both. There are just some tasks that require the detail that we know only we can provide, and there are other repeatable tasks that can be completed by using SEO outsourcing services simply and at and affordable cost.

So I don’t need to go into any more detail of why you might need to outsource (hint: it can turn out to be a very good thing for your business), but if you are at that stage, or simply want to free up time, I’ve put together a list of the outsourcing companies we use on a daily basis, why we use them, and why they are important for use to be sustainable. The industry has also evolved that there are more options than outsourcing seo to India or the Philippines. In fact , there has been an explosion of high quality services launching in the last couple of years.

The Best SEO Outsourcing Services

Following is my list and opinion on the services we have used in the past and those we use today.

Serpspace SEO Market Place

I’ve already spoken a little bit about Serpspace in my post Local Schema to improved rankings. These guy are relatively new,serpspace outsourcing marketplace but is part of the very smart and reputable Semantic Mastery.  There is no surprise why I have them first on my list. These guys are famous for products such as Syndication Academy 2.0, Youtube Silo Academy, and RYS Academy. The offer all these products built for you in the Serpspace market place.

They’ve recently upgraded the interface and it’s pretty slick.

Services the offer include:

  • Video Powerhouse
  • RYS Stacks
  • Syndication Networks
  • Traffic Authority Stacking (DAS 2.0)
  • Citation & Website Analysis
  • Foundational Citations
  • Home Town Citations
  • Socialze
  • Multi Media Citations
  • Citation Cleanup
  • Maps Powerhouse
  • Press Releases
  • PBN Domains
  • Network Management
  • Link Building
  • The Battle Plan
  • Full Service DSEO
  • Indexing
  • Video Silo Training
  • Video Niche Poking
  • Advanced Video Prospecting
  • Video Monetization Strategies
  • Video Marketing Funnels
  • Syndication Academy
  • SM Mastermind
  • RYS Academy

So as you can see they provide a full suite of services for wether local, national or affiliate SEO. To me they are the Royals Royce version, and because of that, it comes with a littler heftier price tag, but you get what you pay for, They quality IMO is unmatched, and I’m yet to find a contender to match them. If you’re serious about outsourcing, these guys are the way to go.

Image: Simple Step By Step Interface

digital marketing outsource companies

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you certainly would’ve heard of Alex Becker of Source Wave University and Market konker seo market placeHero, his email automation software. He originally launched as a pure SEO marketplace. Recently though the name has been changed to

I suppose you could equate Konker to the of the SEO marketplace. There are loads of cheap gigs, but that doesn’t mean the quality is any lower, although you will have to sift through a much larger number of gigs to find a quality provider. To be honest, there are a few dodgy gigs, but the review and rating system has been upgraded and seems to be filtering out some of the worst offenders. So the quality is improving all the time. Like any other gig platform, you really need to take note of reviews, and more importantly review comments. Gigs in Konker range from link building, copy writing, video marketing, PBN links, guest posting and pretty well everything else you can think of.

Do I use Konker? Yes, almost everyday, but I have a group of quality trusted providers that I know deliver consistently on time.

Image: Konker Dashboard

inside the konker platform

The most active outsourcing task I have is easily writing services. I use it mainly for tier 1 type content such as guest posting or Web 2.0 builds. Occasionally if I’m short on time I may get an article written for website content, but more often that not we use our in house writers for that. For high quality articles at and affordable cost my number 1 source is For $5 I can have a well structured and high quality articles written and ready to use in under 2 hours in most cases.

It’s extremely simple to use, and you can build the quality of the article by choosing extra options, such as only 5 star writers, in depth research, and niche etc. But I find if I simply add the title of the article I want as the keyword, I get a pretty good article back. I normally choose the 5 star writers only addon also.

options in

As mentioned having articles written is a daily occurrence for us. is a little cheaper, but you can still find good quality, especially if you find a writer you like and continue to order through them. In the past there have been some issues with writers copying content and simply reposting it. It does have a built in feature, but it doesn’t seem to catch them all. I get around this but simply adding this paragraph in the extra comments section for all orders:

“Article must be unique, well written and not spun. Copied content will be reported. Keyword no more than twice”

It’s amazing the difference in quality this little sentence produces. If I do get an article back that is copied (I always run through once I get them back), I’ll simply message the writer and ask them to rewrite it, with a warning that if they don’t I will have to report them to the administrators. Even though this platform is a bit cheaper, I do find that the admins are trying hard to keep the quality as high as possible, and remove any rogue writers.


Without these 4 outsourcing options, we wouldn’t of been able to grow. I’m the first to admit that it took a bit of time to trust in someone else to do the work. But once you find a quality supplier, it’s easy. When you first start, it sometimes can feel like time and money wasted, if you are constantly checking and reviewing the work, but once you trust in the work, it’s easy to just let them get at it. I still review all work from our providers, but it’s now a simple process, record the task, and get on with the next one.

I highly recommend anyone who’s on the fence about using a 3rd party provider, to just get started. Once you find a good one you wont be disappointed.

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